NEWS/ Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld Did Not Get Denied From L.A. Restaurant Gjelina

Did Taylor Swift and BFF Hailee Steinfeld get denied from an L.A. eatery?

Reports surfaced earlier today that the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer and her actress pal recently tried grabbing a bite to eat at celebrity favorite Venice restaurant Gjelina, only to be turned away because the establishment was too busy.

However, a source tells E! News that this story is completely false. According to the insider, Swift and Steinfeld were shopping and had already been to eat. “They never even stopped by there,” the source says.

It is hard to believe that the 23-year-old music superstar and 16-year-old Oscar nominee couldn’t get a seat at any restaurant in L.A., right?

Meanwhile, Swift and Steinfeld stepped out for some shopping yesterday in West Hollywood. Swift sported a tunic dress and tan hat while Steinfeld wore a long dark maxi dress and sunglasses.

Swift was also spotted out and about earlier this week shopping at The Grove mall in L.A.  [x]

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