"America would never have happened for me, or I would never have got the ball up at all if I hadn’t gone on tour with Taylor Swift in 2013. She texted me and asked did I want to go away with her for six months. I might have been a very successful home grown act here (UK), but not in America, so it was the best text I’ve ever had from Taylor."
- Ed Sheeran on his US success (x)

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I'm sorry to rant but I'm getting sick of people claiming to be fans of Taylor but then criticizing everything she does and hating an album we've heard nothing from yet. I'm just seeing so many blogs, twitters and anon messages saying she's sold out, only cares about money, calls the paps on herself all the time and generally acting like they know her better than she does, if you're so fed up stop being a fan or just in the infamous words of Tay "shut the fuck up".

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I agree with you. Idk how these people can call themselves fans really.

I 100% agree with this! If you don’t like what she’s doing then , please, don’t stick around with us!

AndySamuels:Last night was fun, even though I’m paying the consequences today…

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"Is it true? Are you telling me that or am I supposed to tell you that? We are going to be doing each other’s songs [at iHeartRadio] so we’ll do all of hers songs and she’ll do all of our songs and we’ll see how everyone reacts"
- Chris Martin on if he and Taylor Swift are collaborating (x)

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